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ERP Implementation- A step by step process!

Business Analysis

Assessment and analysis are key factors to initiation and deployment of any task, this is the most important factor for ERP implementation

        Defining scope of Implementation
·          Outlining Project Objectives
·          Analyze & anticipate risks if any
·          Assign Team and roles

         Create Project Plan
·         Highlight necessary details
·         Tasks assessments & assignment
·         A to-do list for team members
·         A point-wise checklist to perform functional testing.
·         Planned procedures of training.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Initial thorough analysis of business operations paves the way for a smooth transition of current business operations towards automation that further includes.

·         Implementation Phases Definition
·          Making an Urgent but Achievable Schedule
·         Creating a Communication Plan
·         Plan Testing (Functional and User Acceptance)
Plan Go-Live Period   

Support & Maintenance

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"Subscribe now to unlock 6-hours Free ERP Consultancy session for your business."